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How to Make a Paper Quilled Rose

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Ah, the classic, beautiful rose.  When anyone would ask me when I was a kid what my favorite flower was, I’d always say rose.  I don’t know why, exactly.  Perhaps because my favorite color was red, and the classic rose was red.  Anyway, I still love roses!  Thankfully it’s fairly simple to re-create my favorite flower with a strip of paper, a quilling tool, and some glue.  And today I’m going to share a tutorial showing how I make them!

rose large 2

One thing you can do with your roses is turn them into gorgeous earrings!



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Day of the Dead Skull Necklace

Finally I have something new to share!  As usual, this neat design idea came from a customer.  The customer asked for a skull pendant.  I had never made one before, but I thought sure, why not!  It took several weeks for me to get started, however, as my daughter Talisa had just been born and I was taking a break from doing any custom orders.  Finally after she turned two months old I was feeling ready to get back into quilling.  This was my first project!

I was given some ideas of what the customer was looking for and came up with this Day of the Dead skull pendant:


I was very happy with the results!  It is unique, bright, and eye catching.  It turned out to be not the right size for the customer, so I made another slightly smaller one:


This turned out very cute as well!

I look forward to the next time a customer contacts me for a new custom design.  It always stretches my creativity and I love bringing new ideas to life!


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BOGO sale!

It’s that time of year to start crafting gifts for the holidays!  To kick off the holiday sale season I am having a BOGO sale on all of my paper quilling tutorials!  Hour chase any paper quilling tutorial in my etsy shop or at and get one of equal or lesser for FREE! No coupon code needed, just make your purchase and let me know which tutorial you’d like for your free one :)

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Fall Fashion Line – Part I

Summer is coming to an end, and it’s time to start embracing autumn!  This year I thought it’d be fun to make some jewelry in the colors that pantone has declared to be popular for this fall season.

Here is the color palette from Pantone for fall 2012:

And here is the first part of my fall 2012 collection based on these colors:

Crescent earrings in olympian blue 

click HERE to find tutorial

Circle earrings in rose smoke, titanium, and rhapsody:

click HERE to find tutorial

Circle earrings in french roast and pink flambe:    click HERE for FREE tutorial!

Circle earrings in french roast and honey gold: (I love these colors together!)

click HERE to find tutorial

Single large lattice earrings in titanium grey:

Heart pendant with pink flambe and rose smoke:

click HERE to find tutorial

I have other pieces in my shop that fit these colors and are great for this fall’s fashion line, but these are the new ones that are these specific colors.  Click HERE to see all fall fashion designs in my etsy shop.
Looking to make your own?  Click HERE for FREE tutorials and HERE for more tutorials in my etsy shop!

This post is called Part I because I have more pieces that I have yet to photograph that are made of these colors.  I can’t wait to show them to you!

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Paper Quilled Lotus Flower Tutorial

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I have finished a new tutorial!   I hope to do many more, but here’s another one to add to my little stock :)  This time it’s not only jewelry, it’s a frame design.

One of my favorite gifts to give to friends for their wedding is to decorate a frame to go around a momento from their wedding.  Perhaps a photo, perhaps part of their wedding invitation, etc.

I designed this frame design to go with a friend’s purple and gold wedding theme.  I realized that the lotus and the leaf from the frame design would be great as jewelry.

This tutorial gives detailed directions for all of the components of the frame, and also teaches how to turn the lotus flowers and leaves into beautiful and unique jewelry!

Click here to see this tutorial on

Click here to see this tutorial on


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Tiny Rose Post Earrings

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I’d like to share one of the newer designs I have available in my etsy shop, the tiny rose post earrings.  I love making tiny roses and I know that some people like very small earrings.  When I make the dangle ones I need to use two tiny roses back to back to make a little bead to dangle from the earring.  But with the post earrings I only need to use one which gives another very affordable option.

Here are the colors that I have made so far, click on the photo to see the ones still available in my etsy shop:


Don’t see the color you want?  I can make these earrings in just about any color!  All you have to do is send me a convo on etsy for a custom request.  Or simply purchase one of the pairs that is instock and leave me a note with your order saying what color you would like.
Don’t forget, the Christmas in July sale is on through the rest of the month.  Use code CIJ30 during checkout to receive 30% off your whole order!



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How to Use Sealant With Your Paper Quilling

One of the questions I get asked often is how to make paper quilled jewelry water proof or water resistant.  This article shows several different sealants I’ve used and how to use them.  This article has been moved to my new blog.  Click here to read and remember to subscribe to the new blog!



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How to Add a Metallic Edge to Your Paper Quilling






There are many ways to dress up your paper quilling with effects!  One of my favorite is by using metallic mica watercolor paints to add a metallic flair.  This is especially gorgeous with jewelry, but can be used with other quilling projects as well!  This tutorial has been moved to my new blog.  Click here to view the whole article and tutorial!

Looking for more quilling tutorials, tips, and tricks?

Click here for paper quilling and other craft tutorials.

Click here for paper quilling tips, tricks, and info posts.

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Paisley Inspiration

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Although I haven’t been posting much lately, I’ve been doing a lot of creating over the past few weeks!  I have finally started listing some of my new pieces in my etsy shop.  One of my favorite styles to make now is paisley designs.  I’ve been making some pendants, some earrings, and some sets.  There is SO much you can do with the paisley design, I just can’t stop thinking of ideas!  Of course it’s impossible to find the time to create all of my ideas, but I have made a few!

Here is my most recent pair of paisley earrings:

These were inspired by an Indian sari I saw on TV when I was at my mother-in-law’s house.  Paisley inside of paisley facing the other direction.  It is simple, but stunning!

Here is one of my recent paisley pendants:

I love how the aqua and the black go together.  Designs like this are a lot more time consuming because of all the little pieces, but the end result is beautiful and quite sturdy!

I have some more paisley designs in the works, and many other pieces that are in the process of being listed as well.  A lot of work goes into my jewelry before I list it on my etsy shop!  First I have to make it and let it dry.  Then it goes through several layers of sealant/top coat which is a process that can take days as it needs to dry between each coat.  Next it’s time to put on the findings and take photos.  I usually do at least a few pairs/pieces at a time to make it more efficient.  Then comes the photo editing which can take quite a while and finally listing in the shop.   When I make a new piece I am often so excited to see the end product in my shop, but it can sometimes be up to a month before it gets there!  Right now I have about 20-30 different pairs/pieces that are in different stages of getting ready for my shop.  Can’t wait to get them all posted, and to start on some new designs as well!

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New Paper Quilling Tutorial for Earrings!

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I’m happy to have another paper quilling tutorial available!  This one is for five earring designs.  Of course, these designs can also be used as pendants or as designs on gift cards or anything else if you wish.  Here are the designs included in this new tutorial:

I have many  more plans for tutorials coming up.  It takes a lot of time to develop them, but it is fun as well!  Next up I’ll have another free tutorial, hopefully available in the next couple of weeks!

This tutorial, like my others so far, is available in my etsy shop.  It is a .pdf file with LOTS of pictures and very detailed instructions!  Even if you’ve never done paper quilling before you’ll be able to follow the directions to make these.  Click here for more details about the tutorial.


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