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How to Add a Metallic Edge to Your Paper Quilling






There are many ways to dress up your paper quilling with effects!  One of my favorite is by using metallic mica watercolor paints to add a metallic flair.  This is especially gorgeous with jewelry, but can be used with other quilling projects as well!  This tutorial has been moved to my new blog.  Click here to view the whole article and tutorial!

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Christmas in July SALE!

It’s that time of year again for CIJ – the Christmas in July SALE!  Time to shop early for some great holiday gift deals!  I know I’ll be browsing around etsy to find some new favorites and awesome deals.

The deal for the month for Honey’s Hive is to save a whopping 30% on your order!  Simply use code CIJ30 during checkout to receive your discount. This code is valid on everything in the store except for gift certificates.  You can even use the code on the CLEARANCE items which are already at least 50% off.  Wow!!

Even save on Tutorials!


I hope to highlight a few more shops that I find that are having great deals on etsy.  I really love shopping on Etsy and want to start sharing some of the awesome shops I’ve bought from.  So keep an eye out for that!  In the meantime, happy shopping!

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A Rainbow of Butterflies

I realized that I haven’t shared any of my butterflies lately!  I thought it would be fun to put a whole bunch of them together in one photo file for you to see the rainbow!  Okay, so it’s not a real rainbow, but I think it would be really fun to make a real butterfly rainbow someday!


If you click on the image it will take you to all the butterfly items in my etsy shop.  Some of these are there, some have already been sold, and there are also some in my shop that are not pictured here.

Stay tuned within the next month or two and I will be creating a tutorial to make the small butterfly to use for earrings, hair clips, pendants, or anything else you might want to use it for!  It is a pattern that I designed myself.  My first pattern was the large blue emperor butterfly.  However, I needed something smaller for hairclips for a custom order so I created the smaller, more simple pattern.

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Christmas is Coming!

‘Tis the season…. to come up with new earring designs!  Last year my Christmas earrings were of two designs:

Christmas Wreath

and Christmas tree

This year I thought it was time to create some new designs based on some of my other new earring designs and patterns.  First up….

Mistletoe!    These earrings use my basic cluster/bunch earring design with a new twist – some mistletoe berries!


But that’s not it for this year – I’ve got some Pointsettia earrings in the making with a brand new design I’ve been working on!  I should have that ready to share next week!

There are more earrings that are great for Christmas as well, even if they are not directly Christmas related:

If you haven’t already, check my previous post to enter to win a gift certificate from Honey’s Hive!


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Getting Fancy – Ornate Tiny Roses Chandelier Necklace

This ornate tiny roses chandelier necklace was a recent custom order.  To make this necklace I quilled 70 tiny roses (each one is 1/4″ wide) and glued them back to back to make the beads.  Some beads have 3 roses on them and some have only one.

All of the findings for this necklace (the chain, clasp, chandelier, jumprings, etc.) are solid sterling silver.

I love the look of the scalloped chain, it adds elegance and also makes it easy to add on the rose beads throughout the necklace.

This beauty is going to be a special Christmas present for someone!

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Unique and Fun Crescent Hoop Earrings

*EDIT*  Make sure to visit my NEW blog and subscribe to keep updated with my paper quilling jewelry,  tips, tricks, inspiration, and free tutorials!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any of my new designs here.  I’ll start with sharing some of my newest crescent earrings.  As many of my designs often are, this one was based on a customer request.  The customer loved the look of my huge crescent earrings but wanted something smaller.  Still a big earring, but not huge.

Here is the pair that the customer chose, which is the first one that I made. The combination of burgundy and black is lovely!

I also made another design, more “feathery” in look instead of all of the circles.  I used a black with silver edge for the inside design.  I think it looks so glamorous! You can see more pics of these here on etsy.

I thought these earrings would be perfect for the fall, with fall colors they could even look like leaves.  So I just had to make them in autumn colors as well!  Here they are on etsy.  They remind me of a pile of gorgeous fallen leaves!

These earrings are big, but not too huge.  The perfect size for making a statement, but not standing out too much. Because they are created from paper quilling, they are lightweight, no sagging earlobes!

I can’t wait to make this design in more color combinations.  They can be made to match any outfit!

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Lattice Earrings – Handmade Paper Quilled

Sometimes when I am looking for inspiration I browse through jewelry on etsy or elsewhere on the web.   One day I saw a pair of gold lattice earrings and the ideas started flowing.

My first attempt was this small pair. I like the color change on it, but I wasn’t totally happy with the design because it was hard to get the pieces perfectly in place as they are so tiny.  Get this pair FREE with any purchase from me!

After thinking for a few days I came up with this design instead. I absolutely love it! It is bigger, more beautiful and floral looking, yet more sturdy as well!  Find it on etsy and meylah.

But not everyone loves big earrings, so I came up with this much smaller version as well. Very cute!  Find them on etsy, meylah, and handmade.my

And for those who like even smaller earrings, here is another design!  Find them on etsy, meylah, and handmade.my

Last week as I was looking at the medium and small lattice earrings I realized that they remind me of a tropical getaway.  Sort of Hawaiian or Polynesian in design.   The large one does as well, but is also very elegant.  I love how all three of my final designs turned out and can’t wait to make some in more colors!!

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Clearance Sale on All Fourth of July Earrings and Hair Clips!

Clearance sale!   Save 40% on ALL Fourth of July jewelry and hair clips!!

click HERE to see all of these sale items in my etsy shop!

There are also some available in my Meylah shop!

Or click on one of the pictures to go to the item in my etsy shop!

Have fun shopping and be sure to order your Fourth of July items this week to make sure they arrive in the US in time for the celebrations.  Happy Fourth of July!!


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Teardrop Shaped Handcrafted Paper Quilled Earrings

One of the many great things about making paper quilled jewelry is that I can make ANY of my designs in ANY color!  This makes it extremely easy for someone to order a custom piece of jewelry.  If you see something in my shop that you LOVE but you’d like a different color all you have to do is purchase it and let me know what color you’d like and I make it special for you!  I even have a facebook album of color choices showcasing many (but not yet all) of the colors I have.

One of the designs that I have created that has been the most popular is the teardrop with circle accents.  I have created this in several color combos for custom orders, and I also have many options available in my etsy shop right now!   Here are some of them:

This is my original color combination, and one of my best sellers.  The deep maroon and the cream accents are a perfect combination!  Find it on etsy and meylah

This was the next color combo.  Same cream accents, but this time a beautiful deep navy blue for the outside.  Find it on etsy and handmade.my

This next one was a custom order.  A mustard yellow with cream accents.  I made an extra pair to list on etsy, but haven’t listed it yet.

This next pair is one of my favorites, just gorgeous!  I can imagine a LOT of color combos with black as the outside and the colors as the circle accents.  Black with magenta accents, black with yellow accents, even black with gold or silver accents!  The list goes on!  You can find this pair on etsy, handmade.my, and meylah

This bright and fun pair can be found on etsy and handmade.my

I couldn’t resist making a red, white and blue pair while I was making several Fourth of July designs.  Available on etsy and meylah.

I have two more pairs that I haven’t gotten around to listing anywhere yet, but I do have them in stock.

Brown has always been one of my favorite colors!

This blue and black pair would match any jeans outfit perfectly!

As you can see, these earrings can be made to match any outfit perfectly!  If you ever want a pair of earrings, pendant, or hairclips that I have in stock, but in a different color all you have to do is buy the listing, let me know what color(s) you want, and I’ll make a special pair just for you!

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Unique Handmade Paper Quilled Bunch Style Dangle Earrings

*EDIT*  Make sure to visit my NEW blog and subscribe to keep updated with my paper quilling jewelry,  tips, tricks, inspiration, and free tutorials!


I’m excited to share this new style of earrings!  It was, as other of my earrings were, inspired by my artist sister Jemia.    She liked the idea of my lotus earring design but wanted something more 3-D in style similar to my peacock feather dangle earrings, but shorter.

So…. I came up with this!

So cute!

Well, my sister LOVES them!  She says they have a lovely little swishing or rustling sound when she walks as the little pieces brush against each other.  They are cute, unique, and can be custom made in any length and/or color combo!

Because I loved the idea of these earrings so much I of course had to quickly make some more to stock in my etsy shop!   Here are a few that I have listed so far:

Cloudy Day Bunch Earrings:  This pair would be a perfect match for any outfit with jeans!  Reminded me of a cool cloudy spring or summer day!  Available on etsy and handmade.my

Dark Colors:  These cute little bunch earrings would be a perfect office accessory.  Also would work just as well with jeans and a black sleeveless top!

And my favorite….   Rainbow Shimmer!!  This style is SO perfect for spring and summer!   Available on etsy and handmade.my

This style of earrings tends to be more time consuming than many of my other designs as they have SO many little pieces and it takes longer to assemble as well.  But the effect is so worth it!

And as always, the beauty of my paper quilled jewelry is that I can make these in any color/color combo you want!  Want a pair in shimmery navy blue to match that evening gown?  A long black pair for a dramatic effect?  Neon colors to complete your 80s outfit?  Anything is possible!

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