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Retro Circle Earrings

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any of my new jewelry pieces!  For awhile last month I was busy working on a wholesale order, so I didn’t have any time to make new pieces for my etsy shop.  In the past couple of weeks I’ve finally had time to make some!  One of my favorite design styles to make are these random retro circle earrings (and pendants!).  These are awesome because they are nearly always one of a kind!  Unless I make a whole bunch of pairs all at once, it’s nearly impossible to make them exactly alike.  I always like one of a kind styles :)  Here are two of my most recent retro circle designs!

This aqua and black pair is one of my favorites ever!  There is something special about these two shades of aqua.  Pair them with black and you’ve got a pair of earrings that will turn heads!

aqua and black modern paper jewelry



Black and silver is another favorite combo!  These are a smaller size than the above earrings, for someone who wants something unique, but smaller.

black and silver modern paper quilled earrings

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Tutorial for Making Paper Quilled Earrings and Pendants in Teardrop, Marquis, and Paisley Shapes

I have another tutorial to share today!  This has been in the works for quite some time, and finally I took photos of the finished pieces this week so I could finish up the tutorial.  And it’s ready!  This tutorial has patterns for seven different designs.  They come in teardrop, marquis, and paisley shapes.  The paisley are some of my favorites!

avatar 4 all

As always, my tutorials have MANY clear photos of the process of making them.  This tutorial has in total more than 125 photos!!  Even if you’ve never done paper quilling before you can make these earrings following the directions in the tutorial.





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Make Your Own Paper Chain Quilling Bead Earrings

This tutorial has been moved.  Click here to go to my new blog to view the instructions!  While you’re there remember to subscribe so you don’t miss any upcoming tutorials!

As promised, I have for you today another free tutorial for making paper quilled earrings!  This is a very basic design idea, but has such fabulous and elegant results!  Depending on the colors, size, and other variations you choose you can use these earrings with your casual, office, or even evening wear!



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New Paper Quilling Tutorial for Earrings!

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I’m happy to have another paper quilling tutorial available!  This one is for five earring designs.  Of course, these designs can also be used as pendants or as designs on gift cards or anything else if you wish.  Here are the designs included in this new tutorial:

I have many  more plans for tutorials coming up.  It takes a lot of time to develop them, but it is fun as well!  Next up I’ll have another free tutorial, hopefully available in the next couple of weeks!

This tutorial, like my others so far, is available in my etsy shop.  It is a .pdf file with LOTS of pictures and very detailed instructions!  Even if you’ve never done paper quilling before you’ll be able to follow the directions to make these.  Click here for more details about the tutorial.


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Indian Inspired Paper Quilled Jewelry

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One of the best parts of the Indian culture is the amazing colors, designs, patterns, etc.  They are so inspirational!  As you may have noticed if you are a regular reader of this blog, I usually make my paper quilled jewelry, frames, etc. for others as gifts or to sell in my etsy shop.  Rarely do I make something for myself!  So a couple weeks ago I finally did!  We were invited to an Indian wedding and the best Indian outfit I have I don’t have any truly matching jewelry for.

Firstly, here is the top of my outfit.  I knew I wanted to make something black, teal, and with silver and gold.

So here is what I came up with!  I made no pattern, just made it as I went along.

I used the big silver/gold flower in the middle of the top of my outfit as the inspiration for the flower at the bottom of the earrings and pendant.  The silver circles are because of all the little silver jewels on the top.  I was very happy with how they  matched!  They are a fairly big set.  I will definitely wear them every time I wear the outfit!  Perhaps I can even wear them with a black top to dress up a more casual outfit sometime when going out.  Here is another photo of the earrings:


Hopefully I will take more chances to make jewelry for myself!

I have also created custom jewelry for others to match their Indian outfits.  If you are interested in having a custom set of jewelry that matches your outfit perfectly (great for Indian weddings, Deepavali, and other celebrations), send me a message and I’ll set up a custom listing in my etsy shop just for you!!

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Make Your Own Paper Quilling Daisy Earrings

You can also use these daisies to make adorable hairclips!

You can also use these daisies to make adorable hairclips!

Learn how to make cute paper quilled daisies and turn them into earrings!  This post has been moved to my new blog.  Click here to view it and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss all of the new tutorials!


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Teardrop Shaped Handcrafted Paper Quilled Earrings

One of the many great things about making paper quilled jewelry is that I can make ANY of my designs in ANY color!  This makes it extremely easy for someone to order a custom piece of jewelry.  If you see something in my shop that you LOVE but you’d like a different color all you have to do is purchase it and let me know what color you’d like and I make it special for you!  I even have a facebook album of color choices showcasing many (but not yet all) of the colors I have.

One of the designs that I have created that has been the most popular is the teardrop with circle accents.  I have created this in several color combos for custom orders, and I also have many options available in my etsy shop right now!   Here are some of them:

This is my original color combination, and one of my best sellers.  The deep maroon and the cream accents are a perfect combination!  Find it on etsy and meylah

This was the next color combo.  Same cream accents, but this time a beautiful deep navy blue for the outside.  Find it on etsy and handmade.my

This next one was a custom order.  A mustard yellow with cream accents.  I made an extra pair to list on etsy, but haven’t listed it yet.

This next pair is one of my favorites, just gorgeous!  I can imagine a LOT of color combos with black as the outside and the colors as the circle accents.  Black with magenta accents, black with yellow accents, even black with gold or silver accents!  The list goes on!  You can find this pair on etsy, handmade.my, and meylah

This bright and fun pair can be found on etsy and handmade.my

I couldn’t resist making a red, white and blue pair while I was making several Fourth of July designs.  Available on etsy and meylah.

I have two more pairs that I haven’t gotten around to listing anywhere yet, but I do have them in stock.

Brown has always been one of my favorite colors!

This blue and black pair would match any jeans outfit perfectly!

As you can see, these earrings can be made to match any outfit perfectly!  If you ever want a pair of earrings, pendant, or hairclips that I have in stock, but in a different color all you have to do is buy the listing, let me know what color(s) you want, and I’ll make a special pair just for you!

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Unique Handmade Paper Quilled Bunch Style Dangle Earrings

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I’m excited to share this new style of earrings!  It was, as other of my earrings were, inspired by my artist sister Jemia.    She liked the idea of my lotus earring design but wanted something more 3-D in style similar to my peacock feather dangle earrings, but shorter.

So…. I came up with this!

So cute!

Well, my sister LOVES them!  She says they have a lovely little swishing or rustling sound when she walks as the little pieces brush against each other.  They are cute, unique, and can be custom made in any length and/or color combo!

Because I loved the idea of these earrings so much I of course had to quickly make some more to stock in my etsy shop!   Here are a few that I have listed so far:

Cloudy Day Bunch Earrings:  This pair would be a perfect match for any outfit with jeans!  Reminded me of a cool cloudy spring or summer day!  Available on etsy and handmade.my

Dark Colors:  These cute little bunch earrings would be a perfect office accessory.  Also would work just as well with jeans and a black sleeveless top!

And my favorite….   Rainbow Shimmer!!  This style is SO perfect for spring and summer!   Available on etsy and handmade.my

This style of earrings tends to be more time consuming than many of my other designs as they have SO many little pieces and it takes longer to assemble as well.  But the effect is so worth it!

And as always, the beauty of my paper quilled jewelry is that I can make these in any color/color combo you want!  Want a pair in shimmery navy blue to match that evening gown?  A long black pair for a dramatic effect?  Neon colors to complete your 80s outfit?  Anything is possible!

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Handmade Paper Quilled Aqua Bubbles Jumbo Crescent Earrings

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A couple months ago I posted about the first pair of jumbo crescent earrings I created. Here is my second completed pair! I used two shades of aqua for this pair. The result is a large lightweight pair of earrings that is perfect for summer! It reminds me of blowing bubbles, or going swimming. Carefree and fun, just like summer should be!

All of my jumbo crescent earrings are one of a kind. I can always make something similar, but no two will be exactly the same! When I create them I do them both at the same time to make sure they look as alike as possible.

To create these I wrap paper around two different sized cylinder objects. Glue one inside the other to get the basic crescent shape. I then make many circles of different sizes and fit them in just right before I start gluing them in place one at a time, making sure to make both earrings the same.

After it is all put together and dried I put on several layers of sealant to make sure the earrings are sturdy and water resistant.

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Happy Fourth of July!

I found that growing up it was hard to appreciate the freedoms that I had living in the United States until I moved out.  Though I currently live in Malaysia, I am American.   And because I am seeing first hand that things can be a lot harder elsewhere, I can look back and see how great the United States of America is.  Yes, it is going through a rough patch, but I am positive that it will come out even more victorious, hopefully soon!

To celebrate the Fourth of July this year I have designed a set of paper quilling jewelry from a lovely red, white, and blue set of paper.  This paper has subtle sparkles in it, making it even more interesting.  I can, of course, make any of my designs out of this paper.  Or from other tones of red, white, and blue.  But these are the ones that I have made so far:

Tiny red, white and blue flowers, with hypoallergenic niobium findings. These are cute and adorable, perfect for the person who likes smaller earrings!

For those who prefer something bigger, here are some large red, white and blue nine pointed star earrings!

This next teardrop design is one of the most popular in my shop.  I have had people order this in several different color schemes.  Here it is in red, white,and blue!!  These also have hypoallergenic niobium findings.

This is a new design, the first of its kind.  I have made several designs with different sized circles dangling.  However, this time I wrapped some paper around the circle and the attached hoop to make an even more sturdy design with a new unique look!  This particular pair I put on posts, but it could also be put on regular earwires.

But I haven’t just made earrings, I’ve also made these cute red, white and blue flower snap hairclips, perfect for girls of all ages!

I also made this delightful earring and necklace set that has found a good home and will be worn proudly for the Fourth of July celebrations this year!

I hope all Americans out there enjoy their Fourth of July celebrations this year, and proudly wear red, white, and blue!!

If you’d love a pair of my jewelry in red, white, and blue, but are interested in a different design, just let me know!!

Last but not least, I’ll be sending out my monthly Honey’s Hive newsletter next week with an exclusive coupon code in it.  The perfect opportunity to grab one of the above pieces at a discount!  Sign up here or click the purple icon below!!

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