Quilled Earrings

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Unique handcrafted earrings!

These earrings are crafted from the art of paper quilling. Made from specialty papers and with a water resistant coating, these earrings are light weight, unique, and gorgeous!

Here are some designs I have made.  I can also easily make custom orders  If you like a design but want a different color or a different hook, just let me know and I can make one just for you!

Halloween Earrings!!

Halloween Chain Earrings  (3.5cm long)

halloween chain earring

Metallic Chain Earrings  (3.5cm long)

Short Chain Earrings  (2.5cm long)

Gold-edged Chain Earrings   (3.5cm long)

Long Chain Earrings  (5cm long)

Nine Pointed Star  (2cm diameter)

Gold Roses (1.5cm diameter)

Red Roses (1.5cm diameter)

Jumbo Red Roses  (2cm diameter)

Large loops (3cm long)

Large Teardrops (3.5cm long)

Small Loops  (2cm long)

Tiny flowers (about .8cm diameter)

Single Tiny Rose (about .8cm diameter)

Double Tiny Rose Earrings (2.5cm long)

Tiny Rose Chandelier Earrings  (almost 4cm long)

Purple Chandelier Earrings (about 5cm long)

Multi Circle Earrings (1.5cm diameter)

Large Multi Circle Earrings (almost 3cm in diameter)

Circle Dangle Earrings (almost 3cm long)

Circle Earrings (1 – 1.5cm in diameter)

Custom Orders

Any of the above designs can be made as custom orders. Just send me a message telling me which design you want and what colors you would like.

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6 responses to “Quilled Earrings

  1. These are so fun and adorable! Nice work. I need to add more paper quilling projects to my site.

    • Hi 🙂 Thanks for your compliment! If you’re looking for a feature artist and a tutorial to add to your site for paper quilling I’d be happy to do a piece for you!

  2. ramyata mutatkar

    very nice.
    i just love it and i made it also it is such a fun.
    all my friends want it. some wants to learn it.
    please give some more designs

  3. I love the metallic chain earings, they are really beautiful. This jewelry has such a unique look to them.

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