Decorative magnets to adorn your fridge, whiteboard, or any magnetic surface.  Small, medium, and large magnets are available as well as magnet clips!  Shown are some sample designs, but feel free to contact me for custom designs as well!


Size Small
These small magnets are 1.5cm in diameter, and have a super strong round magnet on the back. Will take requests for custom designs also.

Size Medium
Medium magnets are approximately 2.5cm in diameter

the small magnet is shown for size comparison

Size Large
Large magnets are approximately between 2.5 and 5cm in diameter

Magnet Clips

Quilling designs decorate these clothespins. With a strip magnet on the back they make an ideal clip for your fridge to hold pictures, recipes, notecards, etc. More designs coming!

The small magnet is shown as a size comparison:

One clip can carry the weight of a small children’s storybook, as seen in the below picture:

Magnet Sets


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