Quilling Decorations

These are little designs and objects that can be used to decorate frames, magnets, letters, mirrors, cards, anything! They can also be used in scrapbooking. The paper I use is 1/8 inch wide, about 3mm.

Pricing of these quilling decorations will vary depending on which designs you choose, how many, how big they are, and how long they take to complete.  Shown are some sample designs.  I can make pretty much any design, just let me know what you are looking for!  Most of these designs can also be incorporated into jewelry, frames, magnets, etc.  If you are interested in purchasing, let me know what you are looking at and I will send you a price quote!

Size Small

These small designs range in size from 1cm to 3cm+ wide.

Size Medium
These medium designs range in size from 4cm to 6cm wide.

Small butterfly is shown as size comparison to the medium size

These are some sample designs. I’ll create more to show as well. I can create more of these or I can create just about any object you wish, just let me know!

These are sets of quilling decoration pieces all in a certain theme. You can use them in scrapbooking, to decorate a frame, mirror, door, bedroom wall, etc. You can draw a background, add in the quilling pieces, and have a picture ready to frame!

Beach set:

Heart Set:


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  1. Very cute decos. I love the filigree look that quilling lends to an object.

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