Helping Japan

While reading each day about the ongoing troubles in Japan – earthquake, tsunami, threat of nuclear disaster – I wanted to help.  I’m sure everyone feels that little “ping” saying they really should do something to help. Unfortunately I am not in a financial situation where I can just take money out of our budget to donate right now.  Which made me sad.  But then I realized there IS something that I have – my etsy shop!  My jewelry!  So I decided to donate 70% of each etsy sale to Direct Relief International, they have a special fund set up especially for the Japanese relief efforts.  THAT I can do!!

I started this fundraising just a few days ago and I have already donated more than $75 thanks to several customers!!

I am not the only etsy seller making donations to the Japanese relief efforts.  Some sellers are donating a certain percentage, some are donating the entire price of certain special items they have created.  Just a quick search in etsy will show you many wonderful items being sold to help Japan!

So take a browse in my etsy shop – remember, 70% of the list price goes to help Japan!!


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