Jumbo Crescent Paper Quilled Earrings

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I just love coming up with new designs, especially for earrings!  I take notice of clothing, jewelry, designs and patterns I see all around me as inspiration.  For several weeks now as I’ve been watching American Idol I’ve noticed several people wearing very large earrings.  Jennifer Lopez, Naima, and Pia as well as others.  One popular design seems to be large crescent shaped earrings.  I thought making a paper quilled version would be cool, so I finally set about it!

For my first pair I chose to use a rust colored paper.  I love that this color makes the final earrings look like a mahogany wood finish.

I used the top and bottom of a jar that I have to create two big circles for each earring, then glued them together.  I filled the space between the two circles with different sizes of circles.  The tricky part is making sure both earrings are the same! I do this by working on both pairs at the same time, doing the work simultaneously.  This creates a one of a kind pair of earrings!  I can make a similar pair, but I can never replicate the same pair as I do not use a pattern.

Once the earrings are dry I coat them twice in a sealant to make them sturdy and water resistant.

Finally I add on the findings.  These are the first pair of earrings I’m offering with niobium earwires.  I spent weeks researching earring findings.  I wanted to offer some of my earrings with a high end earwire.  I thought about rhodium plating, sterling silver, gold filled, and finally came across niobium.  It is just as hypoallergenic as pure gold, and it is non tarnish!!  What could be better??  Plus it comes in many cool colors!  So far I only have the silver color available, though I plan on ordering more soon.

Each earring measures 3″ (7.5cm) wide and 3 1/4″ (8.5cm) long

These earrings are available for sale in my etsy shop and in my handmade.my shop



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