Tiny Roses

One of my designs that elicits the most “wows” at craft markets are my tiny rose chandelier earrings.  Made of several roses that are only 1/4″ in diameter, they definitely are attention getting!  When I first made tiny rose chandelier earrings I attached each tiny rose to a circle base.  It was cute, but when you see the earring from the back it was definitely not as nice looking as from the front!  In a moment of inspiration a few weeks ago I thought “why not put two roses back to back!”

So I did.  And what a great idea it turned out to be!  Now all my tiny rose earrings will be made like this.  They look just as great from the back as they do from the front!

This pink and red pair was a custom order


In this closeup you can see how two roses are attached back to back:


Here is a pair I have up for sale in my etsy shop and in my handmade.my shop:

And a closeup:


Here is yet another pair that I will also list up for sale, but am waiting to get outside to get some better photos of the gorgeous metallic purple:


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