Fundraiser – Kenji’s Light of Hope

This month a new etsy shop opened, a fundraiser to help rebuild a music therapy center in a devastated area of Japan.  I am happy to have donated a pair of my rainbow butterfly earrings for the cause:

Click on the photo to go to the earrings in the Kenji’s Light of Hope Etsy Shop

Also for sale in the shop (all items donated by caring artists around etsy and other sources) is artwork, accessories, stationary, crafts, and more!

Here is the information about this etsy shop quoted from their etsy profile:

“100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Igari Music Therapy Research Center (Igari MTRC), supporting their mission to provide music therapy and music education services to individuals with developmental disabilities and the elderly in the quake-stricken area of Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Now more than ever music therapy is critical in helping displaced individuals cope with the trauma of the disaster, express emotions, and alleviate stress. Music is a powerful uniting force, enabling the survivors to support each other, reestablishing normalcy and a sense of community. Recovery efforts are expected to take years, and individuals with developmental disabilities and the elderly will need extra support, so that they can cope with the ongoing stress and process their loss in a meaningful and creative way.

To learn more about The Igari Music Therapy Center, visit Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for updates on the art sale:!/KenjisLight


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