Happy Fourth of July!

I found that growing up it was hard to appreciate the freedoms that I had living in the United States until I moved out.  Though I currently live in Malaysia, I am American.   And because I am seeing first hand that things can be a lot harder elsewhere, I can look back and see how great the United States of America is.  Yes, it is going through a rough patch, but I am positive that it will come out even more victorious, hopefully soon!

To celebrate the Fourth of July this year I have designed a set of paper quilling jewelry from a lovely red, white, and blue set of paper.  This paper has subtle sparkles in it, making it even more interesting.  I can, of course, make any of my designs out of this paper.  Or from other tones of red, white, and blue.  But these are the ones that I have made so far:

Tiny red, white and blue flowers, with hypoallergenic niobium findings. These are cute and adorable, perfect for the person who likes smaller earrings!

For those who prefer something bigger, here are some large red, white and blue nine pointed star earrings!

This next teardrop design is one of the most popular in my shop.  I have had people order this in several different color schemes.  Here it is in red, white,and blue!!  These also have hypoallergenic niobium findings.

This is a new design, the first of its kind.  I have made several designs with different sized circles dangling.  However, this time I wrapped some paper around the circle and the attached hoop to make an even more sturdy design with a new unique look!  This particular pair I put on posts, but it could also be put on regular earwires.

But I haven’t just made earrings, I’ve also made these cute red, white and blue flower snap hairclips, perfect for girls of all ages!

I also made this delightful earring and necklace set that has found a good home and will be worn proudly for the Fourth of July celebrations this year!

I hope all Americans out there enjoy their Fourth of July celebrations this year, and proudly wear red, white, and blue!!

If you’d love a pair of my jewelry in red, white, and blue, but are interested in a different design, just let me know!!

Last but not least, I’ll be sending out my monthly Honey’s Hive newsletter next week with an exclusive coupon code in it.  The perfect opportunity to grab one of the above pieces at a discount!  Sign up here or click the purple icon below!!

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