Handmade Paper Quilled Aqua Bubbles Jumbo Crescent Earrings

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A couple months ago I posted about the first pair of jumbo crescent earrings I created. Here is my second completed pair! I used two shades of aqua for this pair. The result is a large lightweight pair of earrings that is perfect for summer! It reminds me of blowing bubbles, or going swimming. Carefree and fun, just like summer should be!

All of my jumbo crescent earrings are one of a kind. I can always make something similar, but no two will be exactly the same! When I create them I do them both at the same time to make sure they look as alike as possible.

To create these I wrap paper around two different sized cylinder objects. Glue one inside the other to get the basic crescent shape. I then make many circles of different sizes and fit them in just right before I start gluing them in place one at a time, making sure to make both earrings the same.

After it is all put together and dried I put on several layers of sealant to make sure the earrings are sturdy and water resistant.

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9 responses to “Handmade Paper Quilled Aqua Bubbles Jumbo Crescent Earrings

  1. I love the color and shape of the earrings! And made of paper? Great idea!

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  3. jessica

    did you use a certian type of paper for this?

  4. Meg

    What is sealant and where can I buy it?

  5. Nancy shaw

    Do you use a special glue for earrings? Unlike decorative quilling, earrings are handled a lot Nd I find that I frequently have to reglue. Especially frustrating (and embarrassing) if I have given the earrings as gifts) thank you

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