Unique Handmade Paper Quilled Bunch Style Dangle Earrings

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I’m excited to share this new style of earrings!  It was, as other of my earrings were, inspired by my artist sister Jemia.    She liked the idea of my lotus earring design but wanted something more 3-D in style similar to my peacock feather dangle earrings, but shorter.

So…. I came up with this!

So cute!

Well, my sister LOVES them!  She says they have a lovely little swishing or rustling sound when she walks as the little pieces brush against each other.  They are cute, unique, and can be custom made in any length and/or color combo!

Because I loved the idea of these earrings so much I of course had to quickly make some more to stock in my etsy shop!   Here are a few that I have listed so far:

Cloudy Day Bunch Earrings:  This pair would be a perfect match for any outfit with jeans!  Reminded me of a cool cloudy spring or summer day!  Available on etsy and handmade.my

Dark Colors:  These cute little bunch earrings would be a perfect office accessory.  Also would work just as well with jeans and a black sleeveless top!

And my favorite….   Rainbow Shimmer!!  This style is SO perfect for spring and summer!   Available on etsy and handmade.my

This style of earrings tends to be more time consuming than many of my other designs as they have SO many little pieces and it takes longer to assemble as well.  But the effect is so worth it!

And as always, the beauty of my paper quilled jewelry is that I can make these in any color/color combo you want!  Want a pair in shimmery navy blue to match that evening gown?  A long black pair for a dramatic effect?  Neon colors to complete your 80s outfit?  Anything is possible!

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2 responses to “Unique Handmade Paper Quilled Bunch Style Dangle Earrings

  1. Nice job!! Love the new look and the earrings!

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