Teardrop Shaped Handcrafted Paper Quilled Earrings

One of the many great things about making paper quilled jewelry is that I can make ANY of my designs in ANY color!  This makes it extremely easy for someone to order a custom piece of jewelry.  If you see something in my shop that you LOVE but you’d like a different color all you have to do is purchase it and let me know what color you’d like and I make it special for you!  I even have a facebook album of color choices showcasing many (but not yet all) of the colors I have.

One of the designs that I have created that has been the most popular is the teardrop with circle accents.  I have created this in several color combos for custom orders, and I also have many options available in my etsy shop right now!   Here are some of them:

This is my original color combination, and one of my best sellers.  The deep maroon and the cream accents are a perfect combination!  Find it on etsy and meylah

This was the next color combo.  Same cream accents, but this time a beautiful deep navy blue for the outside.  Find it on etsy and handmade.my

This next one was a custom order.  A mustard yellow with cream accents.  I made an extra pair to list on etsy, but haven’t listed it yet.

This next pair is one of my favorites, just gorgeous!  I can imagine a LOT of color combos with black as the outside and the colors as the circle accents.  Black with magenta accents, black with yellow accents, even black with gold or silver accents!  The list goes on!  You can find this pair on etsy, handmade.my, and meylah

This bright and fun pair can be found on etsy and handmade.my

I couldn’t resist making a red, white and blue pair while I was making several Fourth of July designs.  Available on etsy and meylah.

I have two more pairs that I haven’t gotten around to listing anywhere yet, but I do have them in stock.

Brown has always been one of my favorite colors!

This blue and black pair would match any jeans outfit perfectly!

As you can see, these earrings can be made to match any outfit perfectly!  If you ever want a pair of earrings, pendant, or hairclips that I have in stock, but in a different color all you have to do is buy the listing, let me know what color(s) you want, and I’ll make a special pair just for you!

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2 responses to “Teardrop Shaped Handcrafted Paper Quilled Earrings

  1. Sarah

    These are beautiful! Out of curiousity, what do you use to “seal” the paper?

    • Thank you 🙂 I use a sealant that I buy from the craft store. There are many sealants and glazes available in craft stores. Probably any of them would work 🙂 I don’t know the brand that I use as my craft store buys it in bulk and re-packages it

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