Lattice Earrings – Handmade Paper Quilled

Sometimes when I am looking for inspiration I browse through jewelry on etsy or elsewhere on the web.   One day I saw a pair of gold lattice earrings and the ideas started flowing.

My first attempt was this small pair. I like the color change on it, but I wasn’t totally happy with the design because it was hard to get the pieces perfectly in place as they are so tiny.  Get this pair FREE with any purchase from me!

After thinking for a few days I came up with this design instead. I absolutely love it! It is bigger, more beautiful and floral looking, yet more sturdy as well!  Find it on etsy and meylah.

But not everyone loves big earrings, so I came up with this much smaller version as well. Very cute!  Find them on etsy, meylah, and

And for those who like even smaller earrings, here is another design!  Find them on etsy, meylah, and

Last week as I was looking at the medium and small lattice earrings I realized that they remind me of a tropical getaway.  Sort of Hawaiian or Polynesian in design.   The large one does as well, but is also very elegant.  I love how all three of my final designs turned out and can’t wait to make some in more colors!!

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2 responses to “Lattice Earrings – Handmade Paper Quilled

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  2. faustina

    todas las creaciones son fabulosas, una gran fuente de inspiración para mi que justo estoy empezando a descubrir todo lo que se puede crear con un material tan sencillo pero fabuloso a la vez, sigue adelante y espero en un futuro no muy lejano poder hacer cosas tan maravillosas.

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