7+1 Photography Lessons I’ve Learned

*This article has been updated and moved to my new blog here.

When it comes to photography I was always one of those people who looked with awe at great photographs.  I have friends who take amazing photographs as their hobby.  I have sisters who took the time to learn about photography to take great photos.  I always told myself I could never do that.  I was lucky if my photographs were even in focus!  When my husband bought a digital DSLR camera three years ago I thought he was pouring money down the drain.  Boy have I come a loooong way since then! Click here to read some of the tips I have learned so far!



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7 responses to “7+1 Photography Lessons I’ve Learned

  1. Rifqi

    Some good tips, especially about shooting in manual, there’s no substitute for hands on experimentation if you want to learn how to get the most from your camera. I can’t however agree with number 2. Used correctly, a flash (or several for that matter) can greatly enhance a photo and give you that particular look you’re after. Sure, if you have great available light, use it, but also keep an open mind about flash, they’re always available. If you want a great resource for learning about flash, head over to http://www.strobist.blogspot.com/. Fair warning though, it’s very addictive :p

    • Thanks for your comments 🙂 interesting about the flash! Do you think it depends on whether you are photographing smaller large objects? Mine are all fairly small. I have never had a good result from using the flash. Maybe it depends on whether it is the built in flash or the added on one? And whether the flash is shining directly on the object or reflected onto it? Definitely a lot to learn! Thanks for sharing the link 🙂

    • I started reading the blog and I see what you mean! I guess I should have clarified my post, I may try to edit it. Lighting can definitely be awesome! But when I am taking photos and use just the built in flash it just never looks very good. Maybe there are some techniques for that as well, I don’t know. Like I said, I’ll keep trying, reading, and learning, and hopefully a year from now my photos will be waaaay better than they are now!

      • Rifqi

        The only thing I occasionally use the popup flash for is to get some fill light, other than that I never put the flash on camera. Since most people are only familiar with popup flash, they naturally come do dislike using flash at all. Off camera flash can be used very effectively for small objects as well but it all depends on what kind of look you\re after. I have to warn you again though, if you keep reading that blog you\ll soon want to spend lots of money on flash related stuff :p

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  3. Sound advice! My early photos were appalling, now I’m about average. Yours look amazing, though…

  4. Saw your link on Etsy, it seems like we’re going to build a lightbox. The difference in clarity is startling and I love the earrings on the mug, perfect! We’re going to have a busy weekend.
    Thanks for the info.
    ZaLa Vintage

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