DIY Cute Paper Quilled Gift Cards/Tags

This is a preview of my free tutorial.  To see the tutorial, click here to head over to my new blog.

Here is my addition to this fun blogging event, Make It Easy!  To learn more about this blogging event and to see the other participants/tutorials, click this banner:

I have been making my own gift cards for years.  It shows that little bit of extra care and attention to the gift, which is treasured by the receiver of the gift.  It also makes it easy to have a gift tag that matches the colors of your chosen wrapping paper!    You can use pre-cut cards, or cut your own cards out of card stock, empty tissue boxes, recycled gift wrapping, etc.




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20 responses to “DIY Cute Paper Quilled Gift Cards/Tags

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  2. WoW! Those are pretty amazing! I don’t know that I would have the patience…but they are so cute!

  3. Beautiful Honey! Where do you buy a quilling tool?

  4. Sweet! Thanks so much — I could do this! Where do I find a quilling tool?

  5. This really takes me back to when I was 10!!! I learnt to quill round about then too, but haven’t done much as an adult. Fab tutorial and reminder! Thank you for the lovely idea! So fab to be party of the same Make It Easy “series”..


  6. Love this idea—will be giving it a go with my teen campers this summer!

  7. Thanks for your comments! If you don’t have a quilling tool you can actually just use a toothpick for rolling up the paper spirals! That is how I started quilling when I was 10 years old. You can get quilling tools at many craft shops. If not, you can get one at craft shops online or specialty paper quilling supply shops online. Just google “paper quilling supplies” and you will find several great ones! I am actually opening my own at, though I’ll mostly be targeting Malaysia/Asia as that is where I am living and it is hard to find the supplies here!

  8. Noemi

    This are really cool!! I always thought that quilling was way more complicated, but you have teached us a few steps to get started.
    I am definitely going to get some quilling materials. Do you cut the strips of paper yourself or it worth it to buy them already made?

    • I used to cut my own strips until I was in college and had enough money to start buying pre-cut. Now I never cut my own. With the amount of quilling I do it just isn’t worth it to spend time cutting it myself, finding thepaper to cut myself, etc. I like the ease of buying pre-cut. But both work just fine!

  9. Ok, I have toothpicks right here! I’m giving this a go :O)

  10. Mizbru

    Spent time today trying to find quilling supplies but to no avail. Guess it will be toothpicks and cutting my own paper for me.

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  12. P

    Thank you for sharing! Ever so cute!

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  15. neha

    its juzt awesome!!!

  16. Taha

    Good for selling

  17. Anu

    this is anu from chennai. i am having that aluminium tool. but i dont know how to use, plz reply

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