Unique and Fun Crescent Hoop Earrings

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any of my new designs here.  I’ll start with sharing some of my newest crescent earrings.  As many of my designs often are, this one was based on a customer request.  The customer loved the look of my huge crescent earrings but wanted something smaller.  Still a big earring, but not huge.

Here is the pair that the customer chose, which is the first one that I made. The combination of burgundy and black is lovely!

I also made another design, more “feathery” in look instead of all of the circles.  I used a black with silver edge for the inside design.  I think it looks so glamorous! You can see more pics of these here on etsy.

I thought these earrings would be perfect for the fall, with fall colors they could even look like leaves.  So I just had to make them in autumn colors as well!  Here they are on etsy.  They remind me of a pile of gorgeous fallen leaves!

These earrings are big, but not too huge.  The perfect size for making a statement, but not standing out too much. Because they are created from paper quilling, they are lightweight, no sagging earlobes!

I can’t wait to make this design in more color combinations.  They can be made to match any outfit!

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