Resin Dipped Paper Quilled Jewelry

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I have started selling something new in my etsy shop over the past couple of months – resin dipped paper quilling jewelry!  Whenever anyone finds out that I make jewelry from paper the number one response is “Won’t it get wet?”  So what do I do about it?   Several things!

When I make a piece of jewelry the first thing I do is put on two layers of sealant.  The sealant soaks into the paper and dries, making it sturdy and water resistant.  THEN I put on a different type of top coat/varnish to make it VERY water resistant and even more sturdy, and it gives some shine as well which is pretty.

Although the resulting jewelry is quite sturdy, it is still made of paper.  It works well for pendants on chokers and very short chains, and for earrings.  But pendants to be worn on longer chains must be even MORE sturdy to withstand getting caught on things, pinched between you and a table, etc.  So what did I do about this?  I started dipping my pendants into jewelry resin!  This creates a hard shiny finish that fills in all the gaps of the jewelry pieces.  It is completely waterproof and as sturdy as plastic! I have also dipped some of my earrings and hairclips in the resin for those who want very sturdy jewelry, though for the most part the sealant and top coat/varnish is plenty for earrings and hairclips.  I have been wearing my own jewelry for years as have my sisters and when cared for they last as long as any other jewelry!

Here are just a few of the resin dipped items in my etsy shop:

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