Vegan Icecream Cake

When I began this blog it was a way for me to showcase my paper quilling creations.  I already had a personal blog, but needed something different.  So I created this blog.  Since opening my etsy shop I didn’t need it as much for showing all of my quilling items, so it became more to show some of the new things I come up with, sharing techniques, etc.  I have even thrown in articles about pricing and photography as well, to help other crafters.  I’ve begun making paper quilling tutorials so others can enjoy the craft.  Now I feel it’s time to expand this blog just a bit more and include a few of my other interests.  Today’s post is the first in that endeavor.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to this AMAZING icecream cake:

This was my husband’s birthday cake request this year.  Well, it was a simple request for an icecream cake.  I decided to make things difficult for myself and really go all out!    Oh, and have I mentioned?  This icecream cake is vegan!!  No dairy, eggs, etc.  I am a vegetarian, but we don’t eat much dairy at home due to allergies.  My daughter cannot take ANY dairy or eggs because she is allergic.  But that does NOT stop us from eating our icecream cake!  Here’s what I did for this cake:

I made:

1 quart chocolate icecream

1 quart butterscotch icecream

1 cup butterscotch/caramel sauce

2 cups hot fudge sauce

1 cup crumbled up brownies

several whole pieces of brownie.

oreos for garnish (optional)

You can use storebought or homemade components for this cake.  I used all homemade as I needed them to be vegan.  I got the icecream, butterscotch sauce, and hot fudge sauce from the book “Lick it!  Creamy Dreamy Vegan Ice Creams Your Mouth Will Love” by Cathe Olson.  The brownie recipe I use is from “Vive Le Vegan!” by Dreena Burton.  I love both of these books!!

So to make the cake, this is what I did:

Lay plastic wrap inside of a bread pan (to make removal of the cake very easy!).  Spread 2 cups of softened butterscotch icecream into the bottom of the bread pan and sprinkle on top of that the crumbled up brownie.  Put in freezer to chill for at least 1 hour.

Pour 1/2 to 1 cup of hot fudge sauce on top of brownie layer.  Place back in freezer to chill for another hour.

Spread 2 cups of chocolate icecream on top of the fudge layer.  Press brownie pieces on top of that.  The cake should now be even with the rim of the bread pan.  You may need to cut your brownie pieces so they are not too tall if you have tall brownies.  Mine were quite flat.  This will be the bottom of the cake.  Place back in freezer until ready to serve, at least 2 hours.

To serve:

Invert cake onto serving tray.  Remove plastic wrap.  Pour butterscotch/caramel sauce and fudge sauce over the cake.    Add oreos for garnish if desired.   Take a moment to admire your cake before eating it!

I had many people ask me what I call this cake.  All of the ingredients are so good that I just cannot leave them out of the title, so here it is:

Chocolate Butterscotch Fudge Brownie Ripple Icecream Cake

And because after making this cake I had leftovers of icecream, butterscotch sauce and hot fudge sauce, we had plenty of awesome icecream sundaes even after the cake was gone!


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