Glue Tips for Paper Quilling

Learn which are the best glues for paper quilling, what different properties glues have, and more!


This article about which glue to use for paper quilling has been updated and reposted on my new blog.  Click here to read it!



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36 responses to “Glue Tips for Paper Quilling

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  2. I’ve been quilling for over 50 years (started when I was 5) and I’ve found that Elmer’s Glue All is a great quilling glue. And I, like you, have tried them all…even the ones “made for paper gluing”. Elmer’s Glue All still beats them all. Where do you get mucilage (which is apparently a plant based glue)? Your quilling is very good. We’ll be adding your site to our list of resources for quillers.

    • Elmer’s makes mucilage as do some other companies. We used to buy it where we bought any school glue. Yes, Elmer’s Glue-All is pretty good, better than Elmer’s school glue which is runnier I think. Thanks for your comment!

  3. pc

    Just found your blog through Toys In The Dryer – Love your creations so much!

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  6. Thanks for the tips Honey. The glues I ordered from you were absolutely perfect for the job and I will be sure to come back for more when this batch is over!

  7. Hej I’m very new to quilling. The glue I’m ok with. but when you are finished, I’ve heard you can spray something on top, so it goes hard ex snowflakes if you hang them up. Can you please help me. Thank you Janet from Denmark PS if any one from Denmark reads this too, please take a photo of which one you use.

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  9. Sweety

    It’s nice.but if we use a normal glue wil d earring b strong enough?

    • I guess it just depends on which glue you use. Most glues should be fine. I try to stay away from tacky glues for quilling jewelry because they stay a bit tacky even when dry, which is not a great thing for your jewelry. But any paper or craft glue that you like to use is probably just fine!

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  12. sara

    I am new to quilling and the only glue that I had was puzzle glue. It seems to work pretty well.

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  16. Amita

    i would like to do quilling on what kind of glue should i use?

    • You want to glue the quilling directly onto the wall? If so, you will most probably want to use a thick tacky glue so it dries quickly. A thinner glue would not work as well since you’d have to hold it in place for quite awhile and that could take a long time!

      • Not trying to 2nd guess you but you do realize that if you glue your quilling directly to the wall it will probably be ruined if you try and remove it and the wall will also probably be ruined.

        Quilling picks up a lot of dust that is hard to remove. I’ve had several pieces that my husband has had to use his compressor to blow the dust off.

        If it was me, I’d place the quilling on a matboard under glass. If you get a color that is real close to the wall color (you could paint the matboard the same color as the wall) and use a clear plastic/glass frame it will look like the quilling is on the wall but it will be safe. I use any white glue although I prefer Elmer’s Glue All. There are lots of places that discuss gluing quilling.

        I’d love to see your work after you’re done.

      • Yes, I agree about the quilling on the wall. The matboard and glass idea is great, thanks for sharing!

  17. Melinda

    I’m new to quilling. I’ve been making some rather large pieces that I frame in shadow boxes. Each time I glue the piece to my backing it gets warped from the wetness of the glue. I have experimented with using less glue and different types of glue but it’s still a problem. Do you have any tips?

    • Hi Melinda – what type of backing are you using? I’d suggest using a heavier cardstock to reduce warping. If you glue to regular paper, it will definitely warp a bit. Using less glue and a heavier backing should help the most!

      • Melinda

        Hi! I usually just use a regular piece of cardstock. I did buy a thick piece of foam board that I was going to try with the project that I’m working on now so I’m glad that I’m on the right track. I’m getting ready to glue it now so thank you for your quick response! I’ll keep my fingers crossed. It’s heartbreaking to work so hard on something only to ruin it unintentionally.

    • Oh, and make sure to check out and follow my new quilling blog here:

  18. Yeah, I know what you mean – all the best to you!

  19. Sarah

    I am new to quilling, as in three days in to be exact. I can not figure out how to get a single piece to glue to the paper for a single line…..I tried dipping the edge in glue but then it just falls over, and when it does dry its usually leaning. how do I solve this?

  20. Sarah

    I am new to quilling, as in only three days in. I do not understand how to glue the single strips on the backing to make them stay upright…I tried dipping the edges in the glue but they just fall over or end up leaning. How do you accomplish this?

    • Hi Sarah 🙂 welcome to the world of quilling! You are on the right track with dipping the edges of the strips into the glue and setting them on your background. If the piece has a curve to it, it will usually stay up fine by itself while it dries. But if it is a straight piece you will need to hold it in place for awhile, or place an object next to it that it can lean on while it dries. Using a tacky glue that dries quickly can also help.

  21. I enjoy quilling and make jewellery out of it. While making stud earrings, I find the glue is not enough. It easily breaks apart. Could you suggest a good glue/method to use for studs?

  22. Ayesha

    Hi, I needed to know if I can use German glue for quilling, as the other glue I used can be seen even after it all dries.

    • Hi, I’m not sure, I’ve never used or seen German glue. You can certainly give it a try and see how you like it. The only glue I have used so far that is completely matte and so doesn’t show up when it is dry is PPA matte (perfect paper adhesive)

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