The Lovely Lotus

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted!  Sorry about that to anyone who regularly checks in.  I WILL be posting more often now.  Sometimes life gets in the way and I had to minimize my workload for a few months.  But I should be back on track for awhile now 🙂

I have still been doing some creating, though!

One project I was working on was a frame for a friend’s wedding.  I did a lotus themed frame.  I loved the lotus design a lot and thought it would look great as a pair of earrings, so I made some extra for earrings.  Here is my first pair:

I want to make more of these in some other color schemes as well.  You’ll notice in my shop that most of my new earrings are photographed and listed with niobium findings.  I am really loving niobium!  I’ve made a few pairs of earrings for myself as well, and I always use niobium now.  My earrings are pretty sensitive I’ve found.  I used to be able to wear any of my earrings with no problems, but over the past few years they’ve gotten more sensitive.  If I wear regular plated earring hooks my ears start getting itchy pretty quickly.  Even with some sterling silver and gold jewelry they are a little itchy, though it’s a lot better.  But niobium seems to be the best of all!  I can wear them all day and my ears won’t be irritated.  I also love that they are non tarnish.  I find it annoying to pick up some earrings from my jewelry box that I haven’t worn in a long time and see that they need cleaning or even changing because they are tarnished.  No worries with niobium!

But if you like a pair of my earrings and prefer gold plated, silver plated, or the antique bronze or copper hooks, that’s no problem!  Just let me know before you purchase and I’ll adjust the listing for you.  The price will be about $5 less, or even more if the design uses many jump rings.  And if there is a pair of earrings in my shop that you’d like with niobium hooks that currently have regular hooks, just let me know and again I’ll adjust the listing for you!



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