Make Your Own Paper Chain Quilling Bead Earrings

This tutorial has been moved.  Click here to go to my new blog to view the instructions!  While you’re there remember to subscribe so you don’t miss any upcoming tutorials!

As promised, I have for you today another free tutorial for making paper quilled earrings!  This is a very basic design idea, but has such fabulous and elegant results!  Depending on the colors, size, and other variations you choose you can use these earrings with your casual, office, or even evening wear!




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18 responses to “Make Your Own Paper Chain Quilling Bead Earrings

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  2. these are simple ,but awesome love it!!!

  3. fantastic, I saw your work, amazing 😉 you are greate inspration, Thank you

  4. Hey,

    These are really easy to make and fun to wear…

    Great Work…

  5. pari

    it was realy perfect & fantastic,but i have 1 question and that is i live in iran and i wanna know that what they say to crystal glaze in persian please let me know becuse i realy want to make them but i don’t have crystal glaze,please send the answer to my email

  6. hana clay

    great work! 😀

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  9. sabrina bakar

    yes in deed…though simple but creative and awesome

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  11. Beautiful and very innovative creations. I am new to quilling and will be putting up a few of my creations as well. Please visit my blog and any tips/ comments will be appreciated.

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  14. namira

    so nice

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