Paisley Inspiration

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Although I haven’t been posting much lately, I’ve been doing a lot of creating over the past few weeks!  I have finally started listing some of my new pieces in my etsy shop.  One of my favorite styles to make now is paisley designs.  I’ve been making some pendants, some earrings, and some sets.  There is SO much you can do with the paisley design, I just can’t stop thinking of ideas!  Of course it’s impossible to find the time to create all of my ideas, but I have made a few!

Here is my most recent pair of paisley earrings:

These were inspired by an Indian sari I saw on TV when I was at my mother-in-law’s house.  Paisley inside of paisley facing the other direction.  It is simple, but stunning!

Here is one of my recent paisley pendants:

I love how the aqua and the black go together.  Designs like this are a lot more time consuming because of all the little pieces, but the end result is beautiful and quite sturdy!

I have some more paisley designs in the works, and many other pieces that are in the process of being listed as well.  A lot of work goes into my jewelry before I list it on my etsy shop!  First I have to make it and let it dry.  Then it goes through several layers of sealant/top coat which is a process that can take days as it needs to dry between each coat.  Next it’s time to put on the findings and take photos.  I usually do at least a few pairs/pieces at a time to make it more efficient.  Then comes the photo editing which can take quite a while and finally listing in the shop.   When I make a new piece I am often so excited to see the end product in my shop, but it can sometimes be up to a month before it gets there!  Right now I have about 20-30 different pairs/pieces that are in different stages of getting ready for my shop.  Can’t wait to get them all posted, and to start on some new designs as well!


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  1. Wow Wow Wow! You do some simply amazing work with quilling! Reading thru your blog was such a pleasure! Lovely! 🙂 Tks for the tip about the sealant. I will have to look for something similar here in Chennai….I have a spray but am not happy with it for quilling. Brilliant work and best wishes for the future! 🙂

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