How to Use Sealant With Your Paper Quilling

One of the questions I get asked often is how to make paper quilled jewelry water proof or water resistant.  This article shows several different sealants I’ve used and how to use them.  This article has been moved to my new blog.  Click here to read and remember to subscribe to the new blog!




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45 responses to “How to Use Sealant With Your Paper Quilling

  1. Very informative and great jewelry! Thanks for the product info and tips!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information! I also make quilled earrings and your work inspires me. Your quilled earrings are very nice. Thanks for the tips,

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  4. Beth

    Thanks for the wonderful tips, Honey. Your earrings are lovely, and have inspired me to try to make some.

  5. fiza

    if i quill some jewellery with some a4 paper can i seal it with the same sealant will there be any problem???

  6. Honey I have just started quilling a couple of weeks ago and this has helped me greatly. I am a visual learner and was hoping to find a video to refer too I would like to learn as much as I can about this craft your jewelry is beautiful and would like to see a demonstration on how to make some earrings and broaches using quilling shapes

  7. Ammu

    Can i get this sealant in India…????

  8. Terri

    I used the PPA on a pendant and it totally changed the colors. It was a bright blue and green and now it’s much darker. I don’t have the time, money or resources for trial and error. I purposely got it because you recommended it and never mentioned color changes (only with the liquid matte sealer). What happened? Does it matter what KIND of paper you use? I used premium cardstock. Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Terri. Sorry to hear about your experience. The PPA has never made the papers darker for me. I have not tried it on regular card stock, though. I have only used it on precut quilling papers from Quilled Creations and Lake City Craft. Both of these brands use acid free paper which means it is safe to use for scrapbooking, on photographs, etc, because over time it will not discolor or make photographs discolor. So that might make a difference to how the PPA reacts if the cardstock is not acid free. I will do some experimenting with PPA and different types of paper so that I can give more accurate information in this article.

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  11. Rebecca

    Wow, those are beautiful earings! Would mod podge work on acid free quilling paper?

    • Hi Rebecca! Thanks for the blog comment. I haven’t tried mod podge personally, but I’ve seen that other people have used mod podge on their paper quilled jewelry. From what I can tell there are actually several different mod podge products. Take a look at the label on the products you are thinking of using to check what it will do. Some mod podge products are simply a glue, but are not water resistant. Others are more of a sealant and will work better for the purpose of paper quilled jewelry.

      • usha

        hi honey, can please tell in mod podge which is best for quilling

      • I wish I could tell you, but I haven’t used them myself yet (though I plan to try soon!). If I were to try I’d start by getting the small multi pack to try several types. Otherwise I’d start with one if the ones that says ‘paper’ on the front. You can choose gloss or matte as you prefer.

  12. Thanks, this is really detailed and informative.

  13. Sneha

    Hi Honey…
    I really loved the quilled paper earings… currently i am making those..
    Can u please tell me what to apply on it so that it looks shiny coated…
    Which glue to apply on it to make it water resistant? I want the name.
    Can i get those in indian market?

  14. Bushaina

    thanks for ur information. Can I use fevicol(glue) as a sealant?

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  16. That is great thank you – I am in the UK and have been trying to find a recommended sealant as I found a great paper butterfly pendant I want to make. Found Crystal Coat Glaze on Amazon, yay.

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  18. Love these! Too many projects and not enough time…

  19. Sealant India

    Thanks for your correct informations,you are providing some good helpful informations. Thanks a lot.

  20. asha

    Hi , I started making quilled jewelry. I am using mod podge as my sealent. I am giving three coatings. It does not give a good finishing for me.. Glue or a sealent appears as a white colour in all crevices. Could you please give me idea of how to apply sealent

    • Hi Asha 🙂 I haven’t tried mod podge. If it is quite thick, you can probably do just 2 layers instead of 3 to avoid the white pools in the crevices. Also, make sure that each layer is dry before applying another coat. Also, if it is quite thick you may want to try adding a little water to it a it is easier to apply as a sealant. Any small paintbrush should work.

  21. asha

    Could you also tell me what paint brush do I need to use

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  25. Pritibha

    what kind of paper should you use for quilling jewellery ?

    • You can use any paper you choose. I like to use the precut papers, I usually use the Lake City Craft brand, but other brands work just as well. If you want the jewelry to stay looking nice I’d stick with the brands that are acid free so they won’t discolor over time. But you can really use anything you’d like!

  26. loisstephy

    what varnish can i use for quilled jewellery

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  28. Nancy shaw

    I find that earrings need an especially strong glue because they are handled so much. I often have to reglue if I have used a typical tacky glue. Do you have a recommendation that is especially strong and good for paper? Thank you

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