How to Make a Paper Quilled Rose

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Ah, the classic, beautiful rose.  When anyone would ask me when I was a kid what my favorite flower was, I’d always say rose.  I don’t know why, exactly.  Perhaps because my favorite color was red, and the classic rose was red.  Anyway, I still love roses!  Thankfully it’s fairly simple to re-create my favorite flower with a strip of paper, a quilling tool, and some glue.  And today I’m going to share a tutorial showing how I make them!

rose large 2

One thing you can do with your roses is turn them into gorgeous earrings!



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36 responses to “How to Make a Paper Quilled Rose

  1. Cathy Schlim

    Very well done! Thank you!!!

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  3. kaushika padariya

    very beautiful tips to make a paper quilling art pls send me new tips

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  5. what a great teching purpose for making quiing rose

  6. thanks a lot it helped me a lot… i just forgot how to make it n i had to gift it to my mother n i m very thankful to you….. thanx once again

  7. magnaslinger

    This may sound silly but the way you did it with the strip to the LEFT worked much better the on the right..

  8. anushree

    my quillied rose is not not being made..its getting spoiled..plz help me learn it

    • It definitely takes some practice. There are a few videos on YouTube, perhaps watching one of them would help. Hopefully soon I can also make my own video for YouTube

  9. it is really easy its noyhing like hard

  10. Mithra

    Thanx a lot for showing me how to make a rose in a simpler way

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  12. Mateohorere Kirk

    Thank a lot for show me a beautiful to how to make a rose

  13. shalu

    it gave me a wonder,thanku

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  15. Priya

    I had been trying for a week. This step by step picture definitely helped me and I have made a rose finally

  16. amiaza

    Thank you so much! The easiest rose making tutorial ever! ^_^

  17. Soundharya

    Realy use full thank you so much

  18. Soundharya

    Super its realy nice

  19. thank u
    i really wanted to learn it 🙂

  20. bhoot

    plzz help always unsuccessful………..

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  22. Neethu Babu

    I like it

  23. anitajoseph

    its really nice…i wanted to learn more…pls help me…………..

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  25. Deepak Singh

    I like paper quilling very much

  26. harishanth

    very easy and simple steps

  27. very easy and simple steps and google steps

  28. harini


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