Paper Quilled Christmas Tree – Free Tutorial!






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It’s always an honor when I am contacted by another blog to create a quilling tutorial for their site.  A few weeks ago I was contacted by one of the ladies behind the site asking if I wanted to post a tutorial on their site.  Of course I did!  I knew exactly which tutorial I wanted to do, but it took  me a few weeks to actually find the time to do it.  With a new baby in the house it hasn’t been easy getting everything done.  But finally I found a day to get it done and it has been posted!  So head on over to and find out how to create a paper quilled Christmas tree!  This little tree is perfect for greeting cards, gift tags, placecards, etc.




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5 responses to “Paper Quilled Christmas Tree – Free Tutorial!

  1. layal

    brilliant i made one of these

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