Sealants for Paper Quilling – How They Look

Here is an article to show you what different sealants look like when they are used!  This article has been updated and moved to my new blog.  Click here to read it and make sure to subscribe to the new blog!





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6 responses to “Sealants for Paper Quilling – How They Look

  1. very interesting, thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Wow…such an informative post, Honey. Great effort taken to highlight and compare the products. Very helpful to all quillers 🙂 Thanks much for sharing.

  3. Ramya

    Awesome post, was very interesting to read. I recently started quilling as a hobby. Ur designs r so inspiring and ur posts r informative. Thank u for sharing.

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  5. Ancelin

    Hi Honey thanks for your detailed description it was very useful thanks for the effort u have taken

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