Storage for Paper Quilling

There are many ways to store your paper quilling strips!  In this article I share how I store mine.  This article has been moved to my new blog.  Click here to read it.  And make sure to subscribe to the new blog so you don’t miss any great new posts!



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13 responses to “Storage for Paper Quilling

  1. Robert

    really great information….thank you!

  2. very organized,I use large zip lock bags to keep strips in,then store them in a large plastic container,which works for me ,as I haul it to the dining room table to work.

  3. Thank you for posting this! It was so helpful. I am just starting to get myself organized because my children keep wanting the living room back.:)

  4. Yang May Choong

    Hi Honey! How are you doing? Great information!Thanks for sharing! Since I am always travelling Ipoh-KL, I will have a 3 layer toolbox to bring to KL during the weekdays and I will divide the all the strips to half and put them in zip-lock bag and as for the rest which is permanently in Ipoh, I will pin all of the strips onto a cork board. 🙂

  5. andredamin12

    I did not know about this type of jewelry.Each pieces of jewelry is amazing.

  6. WOW! Great ideas. I will use some of them. 🙂

  7. Varsha

    i just love them…

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  9. Akanksha

    Hi Honey. Could you please share how to avoid quilling from getting faded.

    • Hi 🙂 it depends on how you are displaying it, what r use is. Some papers fade more than others. If you start with archival/acid free papers, they will fade less or discolor less. If you have made a frame design you can spray it with an acrylic UV protecting spray sealer. If you have made jewelry, paint it with a UV protecting sealant/topcoat/glaze.

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