Paper Quilling For All Budgets – FREE

Do you want to start paper quilling but don’t want to invest in the needed supplies?  No worries, you can start paper quilling today for FREE!

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6 responses to “Paper Quilling For All Budgets – FREE

  1. I don’t have a professional quilling tool. I use a thick, blunt sewing needle that came in a pack of regular ones. I think it’s for tapestry maybe. For my circle sizer, I use a screw sizer that I received free from junk mail. And for paper strips, I use colored papers that the kids bring home from school that’s ready for the trash. Like you said, it’s all free.

    I Create Purty Thangs

    BTW, my daughter loves the earrings that I won from you and gave her for her birthday. Thanks again.

    • Thanks for sharing, Julie! I forgot to write in the post about circle sizers, thanks for the reminder! I added in what I used to use for a circle sizer, and I added in your tip as well (saying it was from a reader). Glad your daughter loves the earrings!

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  3. priyanka

    Hii dear..
    I liked Ur page very much..
    Very use full..
    But I wanna know how to safeguard d paper from water something lik water proof..
    What material I can use for quilling jewellary after d completion of d work to give a gud n best finishing look…
    Pls do suggest me for my problem…
    Thank u..

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