Destash of Sterling Silver Findings



I love using high quality findings for my jewelry.  I’ve used sterling silver and niobium.  Sterling silver is high quality, there is a great variety of findings,  and it is well known and well loved.  As beautiful as it is, I’ve chosen to stick to niobium findings for my jewelry.  Here in Malaysia it seems that metals oxidize/tarnish sooner, perhaps it’s the humidity?  Whatever it is, I love niobium for its non tarnish quality!  It also seems to be a bit more hypoallergenic than sterling silver.  Both are wonderful!  Because I will no longer be using sterling silver findings on the new pieces of jewelry I make, I am destashing my supplies.   All the supplies I have have been well sealed, some never opened, so none are oxidized or tarnished.

I have listed them all in one listing on etsy in case someone is interested in a variety of findings to get started with.  If someone is interested in only parts of what is available, just send me a message on etsy and I can make a new listing.  All amounts/prices are listed in the basic  listing HERE.


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