Etsy Shop Reorganizing, Clearance, Etc.

As I mentioned the other day, there are a lot of changes in the making around with my shops, websites, blog, etc.  Some of these changes have to do with my etsy shop.  I will include all of the changes in this post!

  1. From now on all new jewelry that I make will only be available with niobium findings.  I LOVE working with niobium findings for several reasons.   First of all, they are excellent quality.  Secondly, they are NON tarnish!  In this humid climate I hate seeing that findings have oxidized/tarnished after a few years.  Thirdly, they are extremely hypoallergenic!  I have very sensitive ears and niobium is one of the only metals I can comfortably wear.  Fourth, I find that customers never request regular plated findings if the earrings already have niobium, even if the option is given.  So I’m going for all niobium for ease from now on.  Lastly, this also makes it easy when I get wholesale requests if I don’t offer more than one type of finding.
  2. Because I am only going to offer niobium from now on, I am clearancing out all earrings that are instock with silver/gold/copper/brass plated findings!  These will be from 30-50% off and can all be found in the clearance section.  So if there is a design that you love, make sure you grab it before it’s gone!  Some, like my chandelier earrings, I do not have niobium findings for, so I will not be making those again unless by special request.  I’m not sure if I have ALL of the applicable jewelry in the clearance section yet, I’m working on it, but most of it is there.
  3. Shipping!  Shipping has been a topic for me this year, as the Malaysian government suddenly raised international shipping charges for small packages by a LOT!  I was not sure how to absorb these costs and in the end decided to charge actual shipping so that it is transparent to the buyer.  After several months of this, I have recently moved to a new flat rate $5 shipping for my jewelry world wide.  I have NOT added any of the shipping costs to my jewelry price.  I am instead absorbing the cost from my profits as a service to my customers.  I can do this for my jewelry as I sell it at a retail price.  However, I can NOT do this for the quilling supplies and tools that I sell as I already have those priced as low as possible and cannot absorb the cost there.  So you will see that all jewelry has $5 flat rate (except for high priced items which have FREE shipping!!) and all supplies have the current exact shipping charges.
  4. I have also opened a shop on zibbet for the same things I sell in my etsy shop.  If there are items on etsy that expire from the clearance section, I will move them to zibbet until sold.  There are some other items, such as some quilling supplies, my handmade hair clips, etc.  that will eventually only be available on zibbet and not on etsy.  Most of my items will still be available on etsy, but zibbet will also be a main shop.


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