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2013 in Review

Happy New Year!  This post is a week late, but better late than never, right?  I have been busy setting up the new Honey’s Quilling blog, so this post fell down on the priority list.  But I felt it was fitting to make sure to write it as one of the last posts on this blog, as I move to the new blog.  New year, new blog, new goals!

So let’s see how I met the goals I had for 2013 (as posted in my 2012 in review post)

  1. Make more tutorials – I accomplished this!  With several free and several premium for my etsy shop as well.
  2. New jewelry designs – I accomplished this goal as well, with some new teardrop designs, and the most recent owl collection!
  3. 250 listings on etsy – I didn’t quite meet this goal.  I currently have around 230.  I could have managed this goal, but I had new goals that super ceded this one such as opening my new online store and new blog, so I felt comfortable with letting this one slide.
  4. More quilling tips – I definitely shared more quilling tips this year!

All in all, not bad, 3 out of 4 goals reached!

Some summaries from 2013:

  • The views on the blog have grown to an average of almost 1,000 a day!  Yippee!  I’m hoping to get the new blog up to the same average within the next couple of months.
  • The top five blog posts from 2013 are:
  1. How to Make a Paper Quilled Rose
  2. What Paper to use for Paper Quilling – Buy or Cut Your Own
  3. How to Use Sealant with Your Paper Quilling
  4. Make Your Own Paper Chain Quilled Earrings (this was number one last year!)
  5. Glue Tips for Paper Quilling

Looks like the most popular posts have to do with quilling tips – something I’ll be adding a lot of to the new blog!

Time to look ahead to 2014!  For the new year I am planning:

  1. To get the new blog set up and looking great!
  2. Add new free tutorials
  3. Add new posts about paper quilling tips
  4. Create some new premium tutorials

I hope you come along with me to the new blog and make sure to subscribe, because there will be lots of great things coming!  Thank you for a great 2013!


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New Blog, come on over!!

Hi everyone!  I have started the new blog!  I’ve transferred over the important articles, and am working on the site design and some new posts.  Come on over and make sure to subscribe to the new blog so you don’t miss any great posts and new tutorials!!   Click here to visit the new blog.  

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2012 in Review

Happy New Year to all!!

It’s been a busy year here.  Over the past year I’ve worked hard on stocking my etsy shop (my goal was to have 200 listings by the end of 2012 and I met that goal with a few days to spare!)

Another goal was to continue developing paper quilling tutorials.  This past year I have added several free ones to the site and several to my etsy shop as well!

A year ago this blog was averaging 250 visitors a day.  That has risen to a daily average of 450!

Here are the top five most viewed posts from Honey’s Quilling for 2012:

1. Make your own paper chain quilling bead earrings

2. How to use sealant with your paper quilling

3. DIY cute paper quilled gift cards/tags

4. Make your own paper quilling hairclips

5. Paper quilled butterfly tutorial


#3 and 4 were also in the top five from 2011, looks like they are standing favorites!  It’ll be interesting to see if any of these five stay at the top in the coming year or whether there will be new favorites.

Looking forward to 2013, here’s what I’m planning:

1. More tutorials!

2. More unique jewelry designs

3. To have 250 listings in my etsy shop by the end of the year (could I maybe even get 300????)

4. To share more tips and tricks about paper quilling


Thank you to all who have visited and commented here on my crafting blog, see you in the new year!


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BOGO sale!

It’s that time of year to start crafting gifts for the holidays!  To kick off the holiday sale season I am having a BOGO sale on all of my paper quilling tutorials!  Hour chase any paper quilling tutorial in my etsy shop or at and get one of equal or lesser for FREE! No coupon code needed, just make your purchase and let me know which tutorial you’d like for your free one 🙂

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Glue Tips for Paper Quilling

Learn which are the best glues for paper quilling, what different properties glues have, and more!


This article about which glue to use for paper quilling has been updated and reposted on my new blog.  Click here to read it!


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A Lull in Crafting

For one reason and another, I haven’t been doing as much quilling lately.  I have definitely been busy!  I have LOTS of new ideas for designs and I have started on one new one (paisley!) but haven’t finished yet.  So just what have I been up to?

1. A lot of computer work

2. A lot of cooking – bread and icecream for a couple examples

3. Gardening including setting up a worm box for composting!

Click on the links to see my posts about those things on my personal blog.

I hope to finish up on some computer work tonight (selling online requires more than just creating, it requires a lot of online WORK!)  so that I can finish the new design I’m working on and show you!  In the meantime I’ll probably put up a post or two about pieces that I have but have not posted about yet.


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Giveaway Contest – Celebrating 1,000 Fans on Facebook!

It’s time for a celebration!  Honey’s Hive on Facebook has reached 1,000 likes!  I knew I had to do something to celebrate this event, so I have decided to host my first giveaway!! So enter here to win unique handmade jewelry, accessories, and more!

I decided I cannot just give away one prize, so I will be giving away FIVE prizes!

It is very difficult for me to choose any item in my etsy shop to use as a giveaway because there is SO much variety and everyone has different tastes.  So I have decided to give away gift certificates for my shop instead!   How fabulous is that, you get to pick just what YOU want!  So…. the prizes for this giveaway will be:

A $30 gift certificate

A $20 gift certificate

Three $10 gift certificates

Rules for the gift certificates:

1. All of these gift certificates can only be used in my etsy shop.

2. The gift certificates will expire one year from the day I e-mail it to the winners.

3. Gift certificates will be e-mailed to winners within 3 days of the end of the contest (please make sure you leave me a way to contact you with your entries, I will also announce the winners on facebook).

4. Gift certificates may NOT be used in conjunction with any coupon codes in my etsy shop.

5. If you use the gift certificate to make a purchase worth more than the amount I will send you a paypal invoice for the remainder.

6. Instructions for the gift certificate will be sent along with the gift certificate itself.

So how do you enter??  Simple!  Follow these rules:

Mandatory Entry: Like Honey’s Hive on facebook and leave a comment here saying that you did (if you are already a fan on facebook, just mention that).

Extra Entries: (make sure you leave a separate comment for each entry or they will not count)

1. Visit Honey’s Hive on etsy and choose your favorite item that is for sale.  Leave a comment telling what it is. This can be done only once for the entire giveaway.

2. Follow Honey’s Hive on Twitter and leave a comment saying that you did and what your twitter name is.

3. Tweet this give-away on Twitter and leave me a comment here that you did with your Twitter name. You can do this once a day, just make sure and leave a comment each time you do.  Please include @Honeys_Hive in your tweet.

4. If you are a member of the etsy community, favorite my etsy shop and leave a comment here that you did with your etsy name.

5. If you are a member of the etsy community, favorite an item from my etsy shop and leave a comment here that you did with your etsy name.  You can do this once a day, just make sure and leave a comment each time you do.

6. Write a blog post about this giveaway with a link back to this post. Leave a comment with the link to your blog post.  This can be done only once for the entire giveaway.

Good Luck Everyone!!!  Give Away Ends Monday November 21st.   Winners will be selected by

This giveaway is open to anyone, worldwide!

And as an extra gift for everyone ………. Use coupon code “CELEBRATE1000” to receive 25% off any order in my etsy shop!  Valid through the end of the contest!


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