Free Tutorials

I have had many requests for quilling tutorials and patterns, so I will periodically be creating them.  As I post them, I will also post the link here so that they are easy to find!  I also have some more extensive and detailed tutorials for sale here in my etsy shop.

tags1 tutorial6 paper quilled butterfly earrings
Paper quilled gift tags or cards Paper quilled daisy earrings Small butterfly earrings tutorial
brownpink1 jumbo red roses tree1
Paper quilled circle earrings Paper quilled rose tutorial Christmas tree decoration
rainbow flower turquoise black 4
Make paper quilled beadsfor chain earrings Make hairclips from any quilling design

Looking for more tutorials?  Check out the ones I have here in my etsy shop!

butterfly avatar avatar for tutorial 1 avatar
avatar avatar flowers avatar all dinosaurs
avatar animals avatar 4 all avatar owls

35 responses to “Free Tutorials

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  2. nivin

    i liked your crafts, and i hope to be good as you

  3. nivin

    i am waiting from you to teach me the art of quilling, as it shows super talent and taste when you match colour with each other to bring out a master piece

  4. i LOOOOOOOVE your little pink butterfly earrings 😀 so quaint and pretty!!!!

  5. I just started quilling and am a humble student! I stumbled upon your site and am completely INSPIRED to create! LOVE YOUR WORK!! Beautiful 🙂

  6. Just back from buying some quilling supplies – can’t wait to get started!! I used to do some quilling as a kid so excited to be starting up again. Thanks for the fabulous tutorials and advice on your site!!!

  7. --- :) ----

    its really wonderful and amazing! very nice -mithunabalachandar

  8. You are all so awesome and creative. I appreciate everything on your tutorials…thanks so much Meda M Talley

  9. nisha

    its really awesome…

  10. subathra

    i want to learn this honey’s quilling class please send your contact number or mail id

  11. Merlen Christable Alva

    Beautiful art

  12. Rucha

    Hi.. I would like to get the paper adhesive gloss.. Can you suggest where shall I get in Pune, India. Rucha

  13. Yvonne Leung

    Excellent !

  14. ahlam

    i’m very interested in theses tutorials…….and Thanks very much……..
    It’s very helpful to me to make this easily….thanks a lot…..

  15. divya

    superb and awesome.. first time i have seen it touched my heart…

  16. hema

    u r really gr8. everything is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. radhika

    hey it was awesome.. i want to purchase paper adhesive gloss.. from where i can purchase it in delhi,india.

  18. anitajoseph

    hi..its really nice.i’m very interested in theses tutorials…but i don knw how to make different shapes and all………..but i tryed….pls help me

  19. Kathy

    Thank you for your site I have just found it, it has answered some of the questions I’ve had.

  20. rohini

    I am dong paper quilling jimikas and earings. Where should i get quilling polish.(i am in nanganallur, Chennai.)

  21. kavitha

    Hi honey, iam bounced back by your designs n creativitu.ian just a beginner n nt getting things as i live in a small town . U believe it or not late night i saw your quilled jhumkas and that buttrfly design whole night i didnt get sleep really art is in born . God has gifted you dear honey n above all you teach on the website u spread ur talent u dear n eould love to see more creative designs.thank you,kavitha

  22. Shruti Maheshwari

    Hi, Have been following your blog for some time and it has really helped. Thanks a ton for the awesome tutorials.
    Recently I ran into a problem with my quilled jewelry. I am from India, so have been using fevicol, which is most commonly available here, as an adhesive as well as for first coat of sealant. And over that I apply Camlins Picture varnish once the fevicol has dried completely to a transparent finish. But today I noticed that there is some whiteness of fevicol on those earrnigs. Also, whatever I have tried to make in last 15-20 days, always has some whiteness left to it, even if I am using less of fevicol.
    Can it may be because of the heat, since the weather is too hot these days?? Have you ever experienced this and what would be your advice. I was using the regular touchwood Varnish as a sealant earlier but that gave a slight brownish tinge.
    Please help!!

    • Hm… I would think that humidity would cause some whiteness rather than heat. Is the fevicol looking white before or after you put on the varnish? Maybe they changed their formula slightly, causing to dry opaque instead of clear. Could you send me a photo of what you are experiencing?

      • Shruti Maheshwari

        Yeah may be its the humidity. Where can i send you the photo?
        As of now, its looking white before the varnish. fevicol is not drying clear. But even with the pieces that I had made 4 months back, that dried completely clear at that time before applying the varnish, have also developed white patches. Here are a few cases I have experienced.
        1. Fevicol dried clear + nail polish as sealant – suddenly started developing white patches (like fevicol dries opaque when in excess) after almost around 3 months.
        2. Fevicol dried clear + Camel Picture Varnish as sealant – Orange jhumka started looking yellow over time. Tested on orange strip. Looks like again its the fevicol which is showing up.
        3. Fabric Glue (Tacky) diluted + Camel Picture Varnish – Tested on same orange strip. Turned Yellowish at some places and almost light yellow at one place.
        4. Mod Podge with Camel Picture Varnish – Dries clear but lightens the color slightly.
        5. diluted Fabric Glue (almost Mod Podge consistency) + Touchwood Varnish – Tried on bright red sample, Dries clear but darkens the shade due to slight brownish tinge of the varnish.

        Since the varnish is absolutely thin, is it also possible that the varnish is seeping in too much and reacting with glue as well as affecting the color of the paper?

      • You can send photos to my email:

        I haven’t used fevicol, but it is just a general paper/craft glue, right? In the US there is Elmers glue, which I would never use as a sealant. Those glues are not truly water resistant, and can dry slightly opaque, depending on how thick it is. Also, glues like that can turn opaque if they are bent after drying. Like if you let it dry, but then maybe flex the piece. I haven’t tried mod podge yet, but I am going to soon.

        It is definitely possible that the varnish is reacting either with the glue or the paper itself. Probably with the glue, though. If the varnish was reacting with the paper I think it would be getting dark spots, not light spots. Like when I work with resin I need to be sure that the piece is completely sealed otherwise it will get dark spots from the resin.

        I know fevicol is inexpensive, but if you want to make quality paper jewelry I think you’ll need to invest in products made specifically for that purpose. This looks like a good one, but it’s out of stock right now:
        And PPA is my favorite:

        If you are selling your jewelry, just make sure to factor in the price of the sealant.

        Have you tried using only nail polish, no fevicol first? I don’t like using nail polish, but that might have better results than using fevicol first.

        Diamond glaze is another one of my favorites. You can get that on eBay India:

        Crystal coat glaze is a great product as well, you can get it anywhere that sells Quilled Creations products. I saw it at one online shop in India, but it was out of stock.

        If you can make an order from overseas, there are so many fun products to try! I know that shipping prices can be crazy, though 😢

  23. Shruti Maheshwari

    Thanks a ton for the advice. I already bought Mod Podge so now trying with that. It is drying clear. And since its also a sealer (atleast thats what they say) so I’ll stick to just 2-3 layers of mod podge and avoid the varnish for now. In the mean time, I’ll also order PPA!
    And just to help people like me from India,
    There’s another store called ITSY BITSY
    For people in Delhi, they have a store in Lajpat Nagar Central Market. And they have a wide range of craft material, including papers, felt and foam, quilling strips etc. there’s where I bought mod podge as well..

  24. awesome me i love your creation and awesome

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