For purchasing paper quilled jewelry, hairclips, tutorials, embellishments, and some quilling tools and paper, visit my Etsy shop.  



For purchasing paper quilling paper strips, supplies, tools, kits, tutorials, and more, visit my online shop HoneysQuilling.com.


I ship worldwide from both my Etsy shop and my Honey’s Quilling shop.  Shipping is quoted during the checkout process on my Honey’s Quilling site.

You can also e-mail me at Honey@HoneysQuilling.com with any inquiries, or to place an order.  I am open to custom orders, so let me know if there is something in particular you are looking for!


11 responses to “Purchasing

  1. Sevon Laing

    Hi there,
    I’m from Sarawak, Malaysia. I’d love to purchase this earring of yours. I’m amazed by your creations. Very retro & artsy. Been following u in Etsy & FB..amazing.Please advise me on the payment including the postage fee.

  2. sneha

    hi where could I buy sealant from,been hunting for quiet sometime now…I’m from India.Pune,Maharashtra.andloved ur art work.

  3. Hasarangi

    hi there can i know where do you buying quilling paper strips.thanks

  4. Hasarangi

    Thank you so much for your quick respones.Im from SriLanka & I like to buy for reselling

    • Ah 🙂 if you’d like to buy for reselling, just contact the different quilling companies to find out their wholesale terms 🙂 you will have to have a registered company first

  5. meera kulkarni

    thanq for your important guidance

  6. aaliya

    Hey can I get quiling kit

  7. Rathika

    Hi where could I buy this quiling Kit from,been hunting for quiet sometime ,I’m from Malaysia. Penang and loved ur art work.

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