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Hop on Over to the New Blog – Lots of Great Tutorials and Quilling Tips!

I’ve had quite a number of new followers of this blog in the past few months.  So for those new followers I wanted to let you know that I now only post at the new blog at HoneysQuilling.com.  Here is a collection of just some of the many great posts that are new over on that blog in the past few months!  Click on each photo to go to that post on the new blog.  And then don’t forget to follow the new blog to stay tuned for all the great posts coming up!








This is just a selection of some of the many more great posts from the last few months.  Hop over to the new blog to view these and all of the others!  I have it organized by type of post, just use the top navigation menu to get around.


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Moving Shop!

There have been lots of changes going on behind the scenes here at Honey’s Quilling!!  I’ll do a few posts over the next few weeks highlighting the changes.  It’s all very exciting and will lead to lots more good stuff for you readers!

First up, I’m moving my shop.  I have had an online shop for quilling supplies at http://HoneysQuilling.com for a couple years now.  As I’ve learned more about ecommerce and website building, I can see where a lot of my problems are coming from.  For one thing, my shop has been slow for many of my customers.  There have been other glitches as well which are annoying and that I have not been able to fix.  Therefore I’ve been working to create a NEW shop at http://HoneysQuillingShop.com over the past couple months.  Today is has gone live!  I have most of the inventory listed.  I still need to do more visual things, but the basics are there.  It is a lot faster and hopefully will not have the odd glitches like my old shop did.  But what am I doing with HoneysQuilling.com?   After I have finished the whole transfer of my shop I will be starting from scratch with that URL.  It will become my blog and a great quilling resource for everyone!  With free tutorials, product reviews, tips and tricks, and more!!  Basically it’ll be what this blog is, but MORE!  I’m so excited to get it started and am researching wordpress frameworks to decide which would be the best for me to start with.

So until all of the inventory has been switched over, both of the online shops will be active.  By the end of December I should be done and HoneysQuilling.com will be starting anew!  I’ll keep this blog going with announcements until the new site is ready.  So hang on, folks, and pardon all of the construction dust!


p.s.  If you check out the new shop, do give me some feedback!


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Paper Quilled Lotus Flower Tutorial

*EDIT*  Make sure to visit my NEW blog and subscribe to keep updated with my paper quilling jewelry,  tips, tricks, inspiration, and free tutorials!


I have finished a new tutorial!   I hope to do many more, but here’s another one to add to my little stock 🙂  This time it’s not only jewelry, it’s a frame design.

One of my favorite gifts to give to friends for their wedding is to decorate a frame to go around a momento from their wedding.  Perhaps a photo, perhaps part of their wedding invitation, etc.

I designed this frame design to go with a friend’s purple and gold wedding theme.  I realized that the lotus and the leaf from the frame design would be great as jewelry.

This tutorial gives detailed directions for all of the components of the frame, and also teaches how to turn the lotus flowers and leaves into beautiful and unique jewelry!

Click here to see this tutorial on etsy.com

Click here to see this tutorial on HoneysQuilling.com


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