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Hop on Over to the New Blog – Lots of Great Tutorials and Quilling Tips!

I’ve had quite a number of new followers of this blog in the past few months.  So for those new followers I wanted to let you know that I now only post at the new blog at HoneysQuilling.com.  Here is a collection of just some of the many great posts that are new over on that blog in the past few months!  Click on each photo to go to that post on the new blog.  And then don’t forget to follow the new blog to stay tuned for all the great posts coming up!








This is just a selection of some of the many more great posts from the last few months.  Hop over to the new blog to view these and all of the others!  I have it organized by type of post, just use the top navigation menu to get around.

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Holiday SALE! Save 40% Black Friday Cyber Monday

sale 40%

It’s holiday shopping time again!  Since Black Friday-Cyber Monday is happening so late in the month, I am starting my sale a bit early to benefit my international customers!  Make sure you order by the end of the month to ensure timely holiday delivery!  Orders usually take 1-2 weeks to arrive, but may take up to a month, so please be aware of that.

Click here to start shopping in my Etsy shop!

Click here to start shopping in my Zibbet shop! (no coupon code needed here, discount is already in place!)



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Which Paper Quilling Tool to Use?

Long handle, short handle, metal handle, rubber handle, fine tip, wide tip, needle tip, eek!

If you are looking at all the different paper quilling tools available and you want to know a little more about which one(s) to choose, read on!

This article has been updated and moved to my new blog.  Click here to read it, and make sure to subscribe to the new blog so you don’t miss any great new posts and tutorials!


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Christmas in July Sale

Yikes, it’s been more than 2 months since I’ve posted here!

My computer broke down around the same time as I last posted here, so my computer time has been pretty limited lately.  I do share my husband’s computer, but blogging seems to be fairly low on my long list of things-to-do online, so it never gets done since I don’t get much computer time now.  I miss posting here and I have lots of great ideas to share, new tutorials, etc.  Hopefully soon I’ll get back to posting some new things!

Today it’s just a quick note about this year’s Christmas in July sale on etsy!  This is the third year that I’m participating in the Christmas in July sale!  Like last year, I am offering 30% off all of my handmade jewelry and hair clips.  If you would like to take advantage of this once-a-year great discount, use the coupon code CIJ30 at checkout!  It is valid through the end of the month, on all instock AND custom orders for big and small earrings, pendants, earring and necklace sets, hair clips, and even clearance items!  It is not valid on paper quilling supplies, tools, paper, or tutorials.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get a new computer sometime in the next 2-3 months and then I can be back up and running with lots of great posts!

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Instant Download of Tutorials

Last week I was super excited to get an e-mail from Etsy for one of their updates.  I have been waiting for this update for a LONG time!  Finally when you purchase a digital file on etsy (like my tutorials) you can instantly download it instead of waiting for the store-owner to send you your files.  Now if someone buys my tutorials in the middle of the night they can have them right away!!  I have uploaded all of my tutorials onto the etsy server, so all can be instantly downloaded.  Since then I’ve had a few sales of tutorials and it still feels strange (but great!) not having to send the files.

Click here to go to the tutorials section of my shop.  Most listings there are for my PDF tutorials.  However, you’ll also see some ready-made kits there (not made by me).

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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack – Magnets

The characters from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack made great inspiration for some paper quilled magnets!  This post has been moved to my new blog.  Click here to read it and see the paper quilling magnets that I made of these cute characters as gifts for  a family member.




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Paper Quilled Carrot Magnet

carrot small

This cute carrot magnet was created from paper quilling.  The post has been moved to my new blog.  Click here to read it and find a few tips on how to create this magnet!


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