Make It Easy!

Make It Easy is a series of 11 crafting tutorials hosted by talented, artistic and enthusiastic women. You will be shown how to create 11 unique and beautiful items ~ there will be one tutorial every day for the next 11 days ~ and we really hope you will find some inspiration to get your craft on!
Click on this banner to go to the introductory post about this project by Emma at Hello, Beautiful.
There will be one tutorial a day, posted on the blogs below

As I cannot get this lovely image map to work on wordpress, I have listed the links again below the image.
make it easy

Hollybobb red ted little green bums fuego hello beautiful carla sonheim stacey winters sara nicole btrt honey's quilling flex family


Red Ted Art

Little Green Bums

Fuego, Metal y Color

Hello, Beautiful

Carla Sonheim

Stacey Winters

Sara Nicole Designs

Beneath the Rowan Tree

Honeys’ Quilling

Flex Family Arts

At the end of the series we will have a wonderful ebook available for a small fee of $1.99. All the tutorials will be in this one convenient download that you will be able to print off and read over and over (before you get started on making). The money will go to the person whose blog you download it from and by doing so, you will be showing your support for the hard work of this crafting community. Thank you!

My tutorial for paper quilled gift cards/tags can be seen here:

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